Business Consulting

Our consultants are experienced in proposing solutions to enhance the business excellence of our clients. NovelOPS has a huge pool of gap analysis tools that are matched to the clients' needs. Resulting detailed analytics are developed via technology enabled tools. Our consultants have been involved in all shades of consulting i.e. from Strategy to Operational consulting. Consulting requires whole brain involvement and therefore our experts have trained themselves in complimentary skills of creativity (right brain function) and analytics (left brain function). We extensively work with large and medium enterprises on strategy, planning and problem solving. Our team has access to a pool of software tools for on-site data collection and analytics. We use business process simulation software packages in our consulting. The areas of our consulting include: Strategy, Business Process Re-engineering, Quality Management, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Project Management and Manufacturing. Our consultants advise in all industrial sectors, i.e. from private to public, large firms to SMEs, manufacturing to services and process industries.

Academic Consulting

Our consultants are seasoned professors who deliver various expert services for academia from curriculum restructuring to proposing the right pedagogical techniques. Our academic consultants have industrial exposure to bring rigor and relevance to the client institute's curriculum. They have tons of experience in blended learning and experiential learning concepts. In addition, NovelOPS has a pool of specialized on-table and computer-based simulations for gamification jointly designed by practitioners and academics. These have been tested and proven under various environments, such as from credited courses in leading MBA Programs to Corporate Workshops. Biggest advantage is their localized anchor. Simulations are designed on various areas of "Management Sciences".

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Associated Businesses

NovelOPS is a holding company for various business units based on innovative business models. We walk our talk and our subsidiaries's models always bring excitement within our close or distant stakeholders. One of the businesses of the firm is:, which is Pakistan's Only B2B Surplus Management Platform. is an online platform where professionals can sell or purchase industrial surplus. The wide variety of product categories include industrial equipment, automobile spares, IT equipment, electrical and electronic equipment and much more. is a 100% subsidiary of NovelOPS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.

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